Info For Hosts

If you are part of a lake, cottage, or property owners’ association that would be interested in having post-secondary students assist you in monitoring the long-term health of your benthic macroinvertebrates communities in your lake, you’ve come to the right place! Woodlands and Waterways EcoWatch (WWEW) is here to help monitor the lakes and forests of Haliburton County and the surrounding regions.

Our program is funded through donations and grants so you can sign up with us for no up-front cost. We only ask that you consider a donation at the end of each year to help us continue our goal of providing long-term environmental monitoring services to the Haliburton region for many years to come. The bulk of our monitoring efforts are carried out by undergraduate students from Trent University and Fleming College who partner with us through the U-Links Centre for Community Based Research to carry out sampling and analysis through a number of “credit-for-product” courses. This allows the students to gain critical, real-world experiences while also providing our community with data and recommendations that will ultimately lead to more data-driven decision making.

For more information you can download the “Host Primer PDF” by using the button below. This document will give you additional information including what to expect when signing up, a general time table of how each year will play out, and other commonly requested information.

You can also contact our Program Coordinator, Brendan Martin, at to find out more about the program or discuss a research project idea. We are fairly flexible so if you have an idea that doesn’t fit neatly into what WWEW does already we may still be able to assist you.